In plastic bags or supplied in bulk: Houtvezelhandel Honingh makes delivery in both forms possible. The most suitable delivery method depends on the envisaged storage site for the product and the amount of space available.

Packed in plastic bags

Wood fibre products packed in plastic bags

The foil used by Houtvezelhandel Honingh to package the products for delivery is 100% recyclable. We compress the product and then pack it in dust-free plastic bags. The plastic bags satisfy the highest quality requirements and are specially designed to transport and store wood fibre products.

You can choose from a range of packaging units: 18kg, 20kg, 22kg or 25kg.

Wood fibre supplied in bulk

Wood fibre products supplied in bulk

“Supplied in bulk” means that the wood fibre products ordered are dumped from the truck at the designated delivery site. You will then have a mound of wood fibre or sawdust for use over a longer period. If you have enough space and you can easily store the wood fibre products at this site, it’s the best option to choose.

Would you like advice about the best delivery method? We’re here to help you: don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to cater to your specific requirements and present you with a suitable proposal.

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